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Grace Kelly’s Granddaughter Has Grown Up to Become a Real Beauty

The youngest daughter of Princess Stephanie of Monaco and granddaughter of the Old Hollywood legend, Grace Kelly, Camille Gottlieb, is not only a celebrity and a member of the royal family. Camille also has a very popular Instagram account with everyday life pics where her resemblance to her famous grandmother is undeniable.

Here at Bright Side, we were mesmerized by how similar the young girl is to her grandmother and decided to find out what Grace Kelly’s granddaughter is up to these days.

Grace Kelly, who’s known for her delicate facial features, deep blue eyes, and blonde hair, passed this unique beauty down to her granddaughter and her followers love it.

As the youngest child of the Princess, Camille was born on July 15, 1998, to the family of Stephanie of Monaco and Jean Raymond Gottlieb, a royal bodyguard, whose fatherhood was kept secret for many years. Camille openly shares pictures of her and her dad on her account.

Camille posts adorable throwback pictures with her mom as well. Since Camille’s parents were never married, she’s not in line to inherit the throne. Despite this, she has a very warm relationship with her grandfather, Rainier III, Prince of Monaco.

Just like her grandmother, Camille has a great passion for animals. She’s traveled to Thailand to help raise baby tigers and shared the cutest photos of her cuddling tiger cubs. Camille also adores elephants. In 2016, she visited the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka.

The young celebrity also inherited the desire to help people and be engaged in philanthropic activities, like participating in humanitarian events such as Fight Aids Monaco.

The young royal star is 21 now, studies in college, enjoys traveling, and hanging out with friends just like any regular young adult would. Her over 60,000 followers comment on these pics with very warm words, admiring her natural beauty and calling her “Little Grace Kelly”.

Turns out, beauty truly can be inherited because sometimes grandchildren are just as charming as their grandparents. What do you think?