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A Photographer Arranged a Blind Date for 2 Strangers and the Spark Between Them Flared Up Instantly

Whether you believe in soulmates or love-at-first-sight, sometimes people are just perfect for each other. So, photographer Cecily Pierson, who initially just wanted to do a “blind date”-like photoshoot unknowingly brought her models together better than Tinder ever could.

We at Bright Side sometimes get sentimental about cheesy love stories and we want to share this one with you.

A blind date, but with tons of great pics afterward.

The story goes like this: Cecily Pierson is a Kentucky-based photographer who often does couple and family portraits. Her next project was the so-called “Stranger Session” a photoshoot with 2 people who’d never met each other posing like a couple.

She chose Luci Bess and Adam Scott as her models and the only common thing between them was their love for music.

As it usually happens, despite all prior planning, everything went off the rails on the scheduled day. They started the session 2 hours late, with very little daylight left. And the second photoshoot location — the truck — barely managed to arrive at the very last moment.

The photographer and the models met and got to work. And after a few classic couple poses, Cecily noticed that her “lovebirds” immediately clicked. Right off the bat, they started talking about their boots and their history. A whole conversation about boots! The chemistry between these 2 had Cecily, according to her words, “literally melting.”

“The smiles you see were candid. The laughs pictured are real,” Cecily noted.

Later they moved to a more romantic setting. Here’s where the truck, late hours, lack of light, and music came into play!

“The way they looked at each other, you’d think they’ve known each other for years.”

Luci and Adam even sang a duet!

“Not only do they harmonize vocally, but they harmonize on a much deeper level than just vocally,” Cecily said.

They exchanged numbers and went out after the session was finished. They set up a date for the very next Saturday.

In a week, they officially became a couple and we fell in love with this fairytale that Cecily inspired.

Would you want to go on a “blind date photoshoot”? Do you think it would work for you?

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