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15 Times Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle Dressed Like Princess Diana That Made Us Feel Bittersweet

Whether at a wedding, at a party, or on an official visit, Diana’s looks seem to be timeless and have continued to inspire many fashion lovers. The other royals have also made their own mark on fashion, in her honor. Catherine and Meghan pay tribute to their late mother-in-law in their own way by incorporating her style into their own modern looks. This way they also perpetuate the memory of her and her heritage.

The Bright Side team has always loved Diana’s style. We compared it to the looks that Catherine and Meghan wear nowadays and found quite a lot of similarities. Now, we can’t wait to show them to you!

1. 1985 and 2018

Attending official meetings doesn’t mean that one always has to stick to boring suits. During her visit to Germany, Diana paired an open shoulder black dress with the Spencer Tiara and a sapphire and diamond necklace, which was a gift from the Sultan of Oman. In 2018 Kate paid homage to Diana when she styled a similar dress with the Lover’s Knot Tiara and a necklace.

2. 1987 and 2019

During her visit to the Sandhurst Military Academy, Diana’s outfit drew a lot of attention. She wore a white suit decorated with drum majorette gold frogging and a pillbox style hat. In 2019 Meghan wore a white nurse-like coat and a hat, that reminded us a lot of Diana’s look.

3. 1985 and 2019

Soft and tender looks never go out of fashion. During the Royal Tour in Italy, Diana chose a powder pink dress and a matching hat as her outfit. Catherine attended the Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in an elegant suit of a similar color. This sweet little hat completed the look perfectly.

4. 1995 and 2018

Diana often wore clothes in the color pink. In 1995 she was spotted observing the troops wearing a fuchsia skirt and jacket with buttons. In 2018 Meghan chose to wear a modern take on this look while visiting an exhibition in London. Her powder pink suit had an iconic collar and buttons, but no sleeves and a belt.

5. 1993 and 2006

Red and black is another timeless combo. In 1993 at Sandringham on Christmas Day, Diana paired her black turtleneck and a broad-brimmed black hat with a bright red coat. In 2006 Catherine attended the Sovereign’s Parade and wore a very similar outfit to Diana’s.

6. 1995 and 2018

In 1995 Diana was seen at the VJ Day 50th Anniversary Celebrations in London wearing a white skirt suit with thin black accents and a matching homburg type hat. When attending the Royal Ascot in 2018, Meghan paid a subtle tribute to Diana with her fitted button dress and black-and-white hat.

7. 1995 and 2016

Both Diana and Kate made statements by wearing bright red dresses while attending events. And we are sure they managed to draw all the attention to themselves!

8. 1996 and 2019

During her visit to Pakistan, Princess Diana paid her respects by wearing a sheer headscarf. When visiting South Africa with Harry, Meghan didn’t forget about her headscarf either, and the likeness to Diana’s style is stunning. Also, both of them drew attention to their eyes by using Kohl and mascara.

9. 1990 and 2018

Back in 1990, Diana stepped out in a contrasting suit designed by Franco Moschino. She liked this look and wore it on several occasions. Many years later Catherine honored her late mother-in-law by wearing a red, knee-length houndstooth coat.

10. 1992 and 2018

In 2018, Meghan Markle chose an elegant white halter neck dress for her wedding to Prince Harry. In 1992 Princess Diana was spotted in a nearly identical look while attending a reception at Spencer House in London.

11. 1983 and 2017

For the wedding of Princess Eugene and Prince Jack Brooksbank, Kate wore a pink dress, very close in style to one that Diana wore in the Guildhall in 1983. Even though there were no polka dots, Kate’s clothing shared a similar pleated neckline, puffed sleeves, and an elegant cocktail hat that finished the look.

12. 1995 and 2018

In 1995, while visiting the Tashinkaya Hospital, Diana opted for a navy blue sheath dress that added even more to her elegant style. Meghan seems to have a soft spot for this color and wears it quite often. In 2018, she attended a polo match at Windsor wearing a fitted dress very similar to Diana’s.

13. 1997 and 2018

Princess Diana took part in a ceremony for the Red Cross headquarters in Washington wearing an elegant lavender skirt suit. She highlighted her waistline with a belt in a matching color and added an accent to her look with matching pearl jewelry.

In 2018 Kate added her own accent to Diana’s look. She picked a similar color tapered dress and added less visible jewelry pieces to it.

14. 1995 and 2018

Diana paired her black turtleneck with a patterned grey blazer. When she visited Cardiff Castle, Meghan went for a more open look and dropped the turtleneck. She was seen wearing an off-the-shoulder jacket, giving her own twist to Diana’s style.

15. 1990 and 2011

Princess Diana wore a royal blue admiral blazer with gold buttons when she visited the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Centre in Oxford in 1990. In 2011, Catherine was seen wearing a similar style blazer while attending the Irish Guards Medal Parade.

Which look did you find the most beautiful?

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