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18 Times People on the Internet Gifted Us With a Belly Full of Laughs

When browsing the internet, it can be hard to avoid negativity. But you won’t find even a tiny bit of it here in this article. There are so many amazing people who spread happiness and that’s how you’ll find yourself laughing by the end of the article. We can guarantee it!

Bright Side has come to deliver a good dose of joy to you in the form of photos and tweets.

1. “How my daughter said goodbye to me this morning”

2. “Taking a selfie vs Checking out the selfie you just posted”

3. “I put googly eyes on my VR glasses and let my grandparents try them out.”

4. “Move along, this does not concern you.”

5. “I love my dog so much. I just wish she felt the same.”

6. “Dad bought mom a new mask.”

7. “Saw this at work on the bulletin board, made me giggle.”


9. “Walked in on my partner sleeping. I’m not sure she’s human.”

10. “Underneath the mask, we are all afraid.”


12. “My neighbor’s cat did not look impressed this morning...”




16. “Helped my girlfriend recreate After the Ball by Ramon Cassas. We present: After the Bells.

17. “My very pale friend got burnt after our first beach day. Then something magical happened.”

18. “Well, I tried.”

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen and couldn’t help yourself from sharing with others? Our comment section would look far better with your photos and stories in it, so get to it!

Preview photo credit Zealousideal17 / Reddit
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