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20+ Reasons to See Japan With Your Own Eyes at Least Once in Your Lifetime

Japan never stops surprising even those of us who’ve been there many times. Food with impossible flavors, amazing art, things and practices that make guests and locals feel safe and comfortable — these are just a few reasons why the world loves Japan. Even if you think you’ve seen everything, make yourself some tea or coffee and get ready to see fruit-shaped bus stops, life-sized Lego people, trains where seats are facing the windows, and many more unique things you can find in Japan.

Here at Bright Side, we couldn’t fight the urge to buy a ticket to Japan when we saw these pics, and we bet you’ll feel the same when we show them to you. And don’t miss our bonus paragraph at the end, where we’ll tell you about an interesting Japanese art form you can try next time you break your favorite mug.

1. There’s a Lego “dad” in this department store in Japan that is waiting on a bench beside a real dad.

2. The seats on this Japanese train face outward, so you can enjoy the scenery.

3. “My train in Japan has a ticket slot on the seat.”

4. “This Kit Kat package in Japan doubles as origami.”

5. My noodles are Pringles flavored.

6. And these Pringles have the taste of eggs Benedict.

7. Manhole covers in Japan are pieces of art.

8. In Japan you can buy a plastic model of a cup of noodles.

9. This mailbox in Nagoya is a penguin.

10. Some bus stops in Japan are fruit shaped.

11. “Spaghetti in Japan is pre-divided by serving size.”

12. Bicycle parking areas in Japan can help you with your bike.

13. Just like pedestrian bridges do.

14. “This public Onsen foot spa in Japan is designed so that wheelchair users can use it too.”

15. In Japan you can find clear Coca-Cola and clear ice tea.

16. Japan might also surprise you with unusual souvenirs. This is a “cowbee.”

17. “Many restaurants in Japan have realistic plastic models on display of what their food looks like.”

18. The designs on these cartons of tea make a complete image on the shelf of a Japanese store.

19. “This bedside lamp at my hotel in Japan can be half lit.”

20. “Subways in Japan have ‘women only’ cars.”

21. “This origami grasshopper my friend found on a tram in Japan”

BONUS: In Japan you don’t have to throw away your favorite cup if it gets broken. You can turn it into a masterpiece.

In Japan, there’s an art called Kintsugi which literally means “golden joinery.” The art consists of mending the broken pieces of pottery with the help of lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. This is how the Japanese turn something broken into something you can proudly display.

Kintsugi art has many followers across the globe, and here are some examples of pottery, that has been repaired with the help of this technique, that we found in the Reddit community devoted to this art.

Have you ever been to Japan? What surprises you most about this country? Let’s share our thoughts about Japan in the comments!

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