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20 Pics of Pure Joy That Are the Happy Pills You Need Right Now

There are times in life where we might find ourselves surrounded by, well, a bunch of baby ducks and baby chickens or cuddled up with a dog as you will soon see in this article. While not all of us can be that lucky, the Internet allows us to experience these moments at a distance.

We at Bright Side want to make your day better by sharing 20 pictures that serve as the big dose of happiness we all need.

1. The happiest fluffer surrounded by leaves

2. Pure joy while surrounded by baby ducklings and chicks

3. Look at the little guy in the middle — that’s the cutest looking baby otter ever!

4. This pig has what some of us want: a little cozy place by the fire.

5. “His favorite spot while waiting for the vet!”

6. “My little kid has been my major motivation this year. His laugh always makes me happy and keeps me going.”

7. A beautiful girl parrot, happy with her piece of “kebab”

8. “She’s finally gotten to the point where she can drive this really big truck after 2 years of hard work at UPS. Personal win!”

9. “An exact 100-year age gap — born in 1920 and 2020!”

10. “This is Mila. She says, ‘Hiiiii!’”

11. “I captured what 60 years of love looks like to my grandparents.”

12. Just a very happy pupper, strolling about...

13. This is a fun mode of transportation, and it includes extra cuddles! A win-win — happy kid, happy dad!

14. This house-painting dad turns scraps of leftover paint into abstract art. He’s always excited to show off his work.

15. She’s lost a whole 20 pounds over 3 months. Feeling confident and joyful about her progress!

16. They fell asleep cuddling each other, and that looks like a very satisfied dog.

17. The face of a man who just met the person that helped him apply to become an air traffic controller — full of gratitude!

18. First print he’s sold — now he’s officially a happy artist.

19. That’s the face of a very relaxed, full-of-joy cat enjoying the sun.

20. “I found a dandelion in the park today. She had no idea.”

Do you have any go-to pictures that you look at when you need an extra boost of happiness? Share them with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit kgodzilla / Imgur
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