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20+ Photos of Home Renovations That Are Filled With Pain

Popular TV shows about home renovations have led us to believe that there’s nothing difficult about taking on such a project. But in reality, you’ll face noise, dirt, the agony of choosing, endless costs, and herculean efforts. Still, even if you double-check everything, the results can be unexpected.

At Bright Side, we came across photos of Internet users who’ve renovated their homes recently and want to share their pain. And it’s safe to say we won’t be picking up any rollers, glue, or paint for a long time after what we saw. In the bonus section, you’ll see how crazy people become during the renovation process.

1. “I think I broke an ankle just looking at this.”

2. “This morning, I got my white paint delivered. The delivery guy was really surprised that I refused to accept these buckets.”

3. “I can smell the damp carpet from here.”

4. What’s even the point of having a cabinet door but no cabinet?

5. “I wanted to save money by repairing the microwave myself, but it slipped out of my hands while I was unmounting it and its glass top broke.”

6. “We finished our bathroom renovations but we didn’t buy a mixer tap. Eventually, we made a temporary one out of polypropylene. It works just fine.”

7. The little nail that could and 2 hammers that couldn’t

8. Wildly infuriating

9. Me: “The toilets were redone and now we can poop in peace.”


10. Steps that you can’t see, a.k.a. a twisted or broken ankle just waiting to happen

11. The illustration of cost-effectiveness: 1 radiator for 2 rooms

12. “We’ve waited 3 months for this gate to be installed.”

13. “My hurricane-grade metal roof didn’t survive category 1 winds.”

14. “This school did some renovations. The new outside area has the tables in a lower section surrounded by a step-up of pavement. Guess what happened when it rained 2 days ago.”

15. You can tell who’s never used this bathroom before because they’ll come out wet.

16. The smallest handrail you’ve ever seen

17. “I was told there’d be an outlet in this bathroom before I moved in.”

18. “My buddy’s parents renovated their bathroom when he left for college. They don’t know why he doesn’t like coming home anymore.”

19. “I present to you: my toilet hole-in-the-wall!”

20. “There is 3/4 of an electrical outlet in my home.”

21. “I present my apartment’s 1/3 of an outlet — I won!”

Bonus: “I’ve never seen anything like this. Savages!”

When did you renovate your home last? Did everything go according to plan? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit xTwitchMain / reddit
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