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20+ People Shared Little Secrets About Their Jobs Online

Every profession has its own secrets that affect our lives. And it is better for us to know about them than to be in the dark. For example, people working at online stores say that there is no such thing as free shipping and that it’s always included in the price. And daycare workers say that children take their very first steps in front of them, but they never tell their parents about it.

We at Bright Side have found some secrets from the industries we all have to deal with from time to time.

  • Packaging. Roasted peanuts, dry oatmeal (flavored or unflavored), cereal, chips... When we change from store-brand to a branded item, we stop the line and change the box and the package. The food is the exact same. Exact. © Groovychick1978 / Reddit

  • Barista. I’ve worked at a variety of different stores during my stint as a barista, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to clean an espresso machine and have found mold. I’ve only worked in one store that followed the cleaning protocol correctly, out of a total of 6. © crimewavedd / Reddit

  • Sushi chef. Most sushi places will use the same distributor and have the same quality of seafood. The difference between a fancy sushi place and a hole in the wall is pretty much the environment and the price. © DayGloMagic / Reddit

  • Manager at a restaurant. I get multiple requests every shift from servers saying their table has asked us to turn up/down the temp in the restaurant. Usually from tables that haven’t even been in the restaurant for 5 minutes and haven’t adjusted yet from coming in from the cold/hot weather. I’ll literally touch nothing and then check in with the table 5 minutes later, asking if that’s better. 99% of the time they gush that it’s soooo much better and they thank me. © sparkle_cheese / Reddit

  • Chef. I don’t eat at work every day anymore! The food is great, but I got chubby for a while when I first started. Chefs don’t care about their health and add a lot of fat and salt into the food. © Electrototty / Reddit

  • Masseur. When I worked at a high-class spa the hot stones were pretty much never cleaned. When I got a hot stone appointment, I needed a 20 minute prep time to scrape off the oil that was left to sit after a full week of clients. Also, nobody really washes their hands before seeing a client. © Thekodamamama / Reddit

  • Chef. As a chef, I worked in a lot of different places over the years. Some menu items aren’t what it says on the menu. Over the years I have seen pork sold as veal, fish of all varieties being mislabeled or deliberately mis-sold, cheaper cheeses being used in place of more expensive ones, cheaper meats being used in place of more expensive ones. © Jeff Raycroft / Quora

  • Brand ambassador in a store. People usually ask for the mascaras that are at the back of the shelves. They think that others try the front ones and don’t touch the ones in the back. They are naive because I always put the new, good ones in the front and hide the open ones in the back. © “Podslushano” / Ideer

  • Supermarket employee. Wash your fruits and vegetables very thoroughly, a lot of them will end up being scooped off a disgusting warehouse floor and put back in the package after falling out. © x740xWastedx / Reddit

  • Meat counter worker. NEVER buy those packages on the side of the counter that have the ’marinated’ items. He told me those marinated items were almost always just expired chicken/fish that had spices added to them so the customer wouldn’t notice. © brokencompass502 / Reddit

  • Canteen worker. A few times a week, we’re asked about how fresh the food is. Look, the employees will never tell you that the food is old, even if they know about it. © ExFanta / Pikabu

  • Financier. Buying things in outlet stores is not smart. They just raise the price to make the discount look bigger. But there’s one way to save: choose the things you like and memorize their prices. After some time, return to the store and buy those that have the biggest discounts. © Lauren Hamer / Cheatsheet

  • Call center employee. There are lines where the management can listen to the customer while he/she is navigating the phone tree or waiting on hold. Also, many Live Chat sessions allow the Associate to see you typing in live time. © BariatricPressure / Reddit

  • Quality assurance. I will never, ever, buy an electronic device in the first 3 months of mass production. Wait for the second wave of production, the quality of the product increases tenfold. In the first shipment, there are so many bugs and problems, but they are not fixed because the release date can’t be changed. © Project2r / Reddit

  • Music industry. Many of the people we call pop stars have almost nothing to do with the music you hear in our media environment. They don’t write, perform, or otherwise create the music we refer to as “their music.” There are teams of unknown professional writers, publicists, producers, engineers, studio musicians, publishers, stylists, researchers, and other managers that shape the sound, activities, performances, and image of an artist based on a whole slew of market considerations. The star serves the role of being the public face of a sprawling business structure. © John Kyle Varley / quora

  • Jewelry retail. Mostly items for sale (the exception would be promotional pieces or special collections) have a “minimum” and a “maximum” price. Don’t take for face value that the price is what you have to pay. Ask straight up “What is the min on this item?” Say it like you know what you are talking about. Sometimes the “min” price can be hundreds lower than the displayed price. © baccgirl / Reddit

  • Perfumer. My wife works for a fragrance and body care company. She says the glass bottles and spraying mechanism cost more than the perfume inside the bottle. © _Dihydrogen_Monoxide / Reddit

  • Mechanic. Don’t mess with the closing elevator door because the mechanism for automatic opening doesn’t always work. © Sting911 / Reddit

  • Daycare worker. I work with kids at a daycare and we see babies take their first steps sometimes, but we never tell the parents because we don’t want them to feel bad about missing it. © theraccoonrobot / Reddit

  • Furniture upholsterer. The number of times other “professionals” just recover the old fabric and filling drives me mental. If you’re paying to have something reupholstered, ask for progress photos. Nobody needs all that nasty old fabric hidden underneath and it’s not fair to the client as they don’t necessarily know any better (nor should they have to). © AliCracker / Reddit

  • AC mechanic. There’s a simple way to check and see if your AC needs cleaning. Turn it on and wait for the fan to become visible. Use a flashlight if needed. If the fan is not very clean, call a mechanic. © APanin / Pikabu

  • Pet store employee. The store I work for cares about sales more than anything else. The comfort of pets is not that important. Besides, many employees know nothing about proper pet care. © H2oButterfly / Reddit

  • Airport employee. We generally have no idea where your bag is at any given time. If it ends up missing, no one is “looking” for your bag. Your file gets loaded into a computer and when your bag is eventually scanned somewhere, a person is notified to grab it before it moves on to somewhere else. © LikeLemun / Reddit

  • Website developer. Most of those “3 people have booked this hotel today” or “4 people are looking at this product right now” pop-ups on the travel agency website and e-commerce sites are lies. Totally static and made up. © jyt4167 / Reddit

  • Computer expert. We know all the websites you are visiting and all the games you are playing while you are at your desk, but as long as you aren’t doing anything illegal we don’t care. © Blindsp_t / Reddit

  • Hairdresser. Hairstylists will boast their work and scream in joy when handing you the mirror. This is a little psychological trick. You hear her praise how good it looks that you start imagining it as beautiful. You will not dare let her down by saying you do not like it and you will not dare question her work. Hairstylists will also usually curl your hair because that makes it easier to hide the little mistakes. They curl all the little un-blended spots and make it blend in with your other hair. © Suly M. Rivera / quora

  • Store employee. If you want good service in a beauty product store, walk into the store holding a phone so that all the employees see it. In this case, they might think that you are a mystery shopper. They will tell you everything about all the offers, and give you lots of free samples. © Ninochka777 / Pikabu

  • Manager. A customer’s attitude and approach is about 99% of the reason someone might help them solve a problem. The sale ended yesterday? Your return is past the date? You want a better price on a clearance item? Be a normal kind person and you’ll usually get your way. If you start off being shitty or demanding then, “Sorry, I can’t help you, it’s store policy.” © Nardelan / Reddit

  • Computer expert. Lying to users can be easier than explaining the truth about their computer problem that they’ll never understand anyway. © Dyingforsomelove / Reddit

  • Movie creator. Making movies is fun when you see the end result. But just imagine how much time and effort it takes to figure out how to do something. © philip lewis / Twitter

Do you have something to reveal about your profession?

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