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20+ Details About a Wealthy Life That We Had No Idea About

About 10% of people own about 77% of all the wealth on the planet, while the rest share the remaining 23%. It’s obvious that their lifestyle and their way of thinking when it comes to representatives of the different social layers are significantly different due to such a huge inequality.

Based on the answers of wealthy people and those close to them, Bright Side compiled a list of unexpected facts that will prove that the gap between this 10% and the other 90% is really big.


  • Wealthy people rarely hang out with normal people and talk about sports or other things. They don’t even watch TV shows and movies. Every social interaction is based on who the other person is and what business they can produce. © anonymous / quora
  • I had a client who was a millionaire, but he was feeling extremely lonely. He and his wife barely spoke, constantly fought, but stayed together because he didn’t want to give her half of his assets. His daughter was stealing money from him and he barely, if ever, spoke to her about this. His granddaughter had somewhat of a relationship with him, but she, as well, just used him for his money and he knew it. He considered me the closest person in his life. © ImAjustin / reddit

  • They are open to things that make them uncomfortable, instead of focusing on things that only make them feel comfortable. For example, they communicate with different people regardless of their religion, principles, and anything else, even if it’s strange to them. © Taufiq Husain / quora

  • Middle-classers tend to be smarter than the average person, they value this identity, they think of themselves as “smarter than most people,” and they tend to spend time trying to prove and maintain that status. Wealthy people don’t care who is smarter. They know they need to leverage the talent of smart people, and therefore they spend time trying to identify people who are unique and then try understanding and befriending them. © Israel Peck / quora

  • Back in my college days, we had a friend who came from a pretty wealthy family, but you couldn’t tell because he lived in the dorms like everyone else. He looked normal and no one suspected he was from a wealthy family. There was one thing that exposed him. One day he casually mentioned that his father was going to bring him back to campus in their helicopter. © Bz3rk / reddit

Making decisions

  • I have a friend who was born into a wealthy family. The best thing is he can do anything he wants, whenever he wants. The worst thing is that he doesn’t need to work and self-develop. This is a way for many to regress. © cisco45 / reddit
  • Give a wealthy person and a middle-class person the same problem outside of their direct line of work. A middle-class person spends hours reading training manuals, looking up solutions online, and asking non-experts for advice via social media. A wealthy person makes one to 3 phone calls and hires a specialized expert to solve the problem. The wealthy person pays the expert good money while returning to making money for themselves. The middle-class person could’ve earned more than he saved. The only difference is their way of thinking. © Ben Peters / quora

  • Wealthy people often do wear expensive clothes, but they are usually simple and not flashy, and they don’t really talk about the cost. Flashy spenders, on the other hand, need to make sure the brand and value is known.© Majesticfacepalm / reddit

  • Middle-classers make big decisions quicker than wealthy people (when it comes to marriage, buying a car, buying an apartment, etc.). Wealthy people believe their time is an asset and they tend to take longer to make decisions until the choice becomes obvious. © Israel Peck / quora

  • They solve issues differently. The car of my rich friend had been attacked by a peacock multiple times because the bird kept seeing his reflection in it, and my friend simply resprayed his car over and over again. © unsafecrab / reddit

  • They ask themselves, “Can I afford it?”, Do I really need this thing?" If this kind of question arises, the purchase is considered unnecessary spending. © anonymous / quora


  • They can afford to not part with their pets. It costs enormous money ($25,000-$50,000) but they have an opportunity to clone their animal. © kazhena / reddit
  • There is an app for Apple devices that costs $999. With it, you can get VIP services, exclusive offers, invitations to private parties, the ability to order private planes and yachts, direct access to the concierges of elite hotels, and much more. But you need to prove that you have more than $1 million in assets to get the right to use it. © Automaton_B / reddit

  • I work with a very rich Chinese entrepreneur. He smokes black Russian cigarettes with filters, re-wrapped with 24k gold. Pure excess. © vflaneur / reddit

  • In addition to having a daytime nanny, wealthy people have “night nannies” or night nurses. They come in the evenings and spend the night taking care of the infant. If the baby’s mom is breastfeeding, the night nanny will come to wake her up at regular intervals, then when the feeding is over, they take the baby, and soothe it back to sleep. © Haribogoldbear / reddit

  • Have you seen the “smart house” systems in movies about the future? I work with celebrities and they have a lot of cool stuff. Most of them have a special system where they control everything from music, temperature, the alarm system, the lights, and even the window blinds. These “house managers” are controlled from their phone or with their voice. © Haribogoldbear / reddit

  • The very day a new movie is released in the cinema, it becomes available on a special site for home cinema. It costs $35,000 for the player and biometric device, then $500 for each movie. © faded_again / reddit

  • There are companies that will fly in any food from anywhere. The famous Voodoo Donuts in Portland does not deliver, but you can find some people who will fly to Portland, pick up what you want, and then bring it to where you are. I met a guy on a plane once who was hand-delivering some kind of fish only found in Iran to his client. © punkwalrus / reddit

  • In the past, there were AAirpass discount programs that would cost $600,000 (they’re more than $1 million today) that got you unlimited first-class travel for life. It’s impossible to buy them today because some clients incurred serious losses for the company. For example, after buying this privilege, financier Steve Rothstein covered a distance that cost the company $21 million. © unknown / reddit


  • When I was a kid and didn’t have any money, every new video game was a treasure. Now I’m 38 years old, I make pretty good money, and I have a bunch of games. It used to be that it was a point of pride that I could beat every game I owned, nowadays when I go through my game list, I haven’t even installed, probably, two-thirds of them. But then I buy more games, hoping I’ll find one that grabs me the way they did during my childhood. Imagine that same situation, but with everything. That’s probably what it’s like to be rich. © nerfviking / reddit
  • Self-made billionaires are a myth. A unicorn, if you will. They happen, but far more billionaires will eventually come from wealthy families with all the privileges. © anonymous / quora

  • I was trying to show a friend of mine that she’s rich because her family has a team of maids and drivers. Seriously, a driver for every member of the family. She said she’s not rich, because “Everyone has maids and drivers.” I asked her... do you think your maids and drivers have maids and drivers? I think, then, it clicked that she might be rich. © Inquilinus / reddit

  • Money doesn’t buy happiness. I’m considerably happier in my life now, earning $30k/year, than I ever was earning $120k/year. Why? Because I’m doing what I really want to do in life — I put my happiness first and found a career that could support it. I travel the world full-time. It’s a pretty delicious existence. © Nora Dunn / quora

What do you think: How much does the feeling of happiness depend on the amount of funds in your bank account?

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