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16 “Before and After” Photos That Made Us Rub Our Eyes and Look Twice

Capturing a result of something is always interesting. This is what the photos in this compilation show — what was before and what happened after.

We at Bright Side wanted to share these photos which captured some interesting changes.

SpaceX Crew Dragon space capsule before and after its flight

“I rescued this cat off the street one year ago. I’m happy that she chose me.”

The difference 3 months of hardcore chemotherapy makes

“Decided to paint my house. Came out great, I think.”

“Writing with my non-dominant hand over a week”

“22 years in between pictures. Still the love of my life!”

El Castillo in the past and today

Just because they grow to be twice your size doesn’t mean you should stop giving them hugs.

“I called in my horse after completing a rescue mission, and it came to me so dirty that it looked like a completely different horse. The bottom photo is what it looked like before.”

“There’s a tree knot in my yard that I thought looked like a couple, so I brought them to life.”

Before and after she was told she was a good girl

“Been working on this old gas pump for 2 years... It was my late grandfather’s... It’s about done. I plan on entering it in The Hildago County New Mexico Fair as a work of art.”

Father and son 28 years later

Cine Doré, 1978-now. Madrid, Spain

2001 vs 2020

Amazing at any age

Do you have any “before and after” photos you would like to share with the world?