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19 “Pigtures” Showing Why You May Want to Adopt a Piggy

Today, everything seems to point to the fact that pigs are becoming companion animals more and more. And if you’re wondering why, you might not know that besides being super smart, these little friends’ most notable characteristic is when they feel at ease, they can very easily express their love for humans. And luckily, Reddit users took the time to capture and share those moments with the whole community.

At Bright Side, we think it’s important to acknowledge when people dedicate time and effort into making sure their pets lead a good life, which is why we made this adorable compilation, so you can see what happens when there’s a little pig in the house.

1. “Our babies from earlier this year”

2. “My pigs performed The Grinch. Here’s Max.”

3. “I joined Reddit for my cattle dogs, but now I’m a pig mom so I’m happy to have found this subreddit! This is Julio, he’s 10 weeks old and fitting in just fine!”

4. “A week ago, Bruce fell off of a semi that was transporting him to a commercial finishing facility. This is Bruce now, smiling by the fireplace.”

5. “What’s in the bucket? Can I have it?”

6. “Who said pigs only like crawling in dirt?”

7. “He got his way again after a day of fun in the mud.”

8. “A house pig by the fire”

9. “Well, she needs all the boops! I present you, Princess poppy from Coppershell Farm Sanctuary.”

10. “Bacon loves my pig pillow.”

11. “Met this little angel at the punk rock flea market today.”

12. “In case you were curious, this cuddle pile happens all day long, every day.”

13. “Shush, I’m trying to sleep!” — Opal

14. “Nibbles and Wilbur sleeping in my bed”

15. “Started waking him up with treats so now he just stays prepared all through his nap!”

16. “Chilling with Waldo”

17. “The whole gang, smiling!”

18. What a lovely pigture!

19. “One year later and he still loves snuggling in his favorite chair/sun spot.”

These piggies aren’t lacking in warmth or food. They’re in charge of bringing love to the household. Would you like to have a little pig as a pet or do you prefer more common pets such as cats or dogs?

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