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10 Photo Clichés People Are Tired Of

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Lately, you may have noticed that there are too many generic images used to illustrate broad topics. For creativity and everything related to social media and the internet, the classical hands and laptop seems to be a go-to image. You’re definitely familiar with other stock photo clichés like the hooded hacker who, according to ads, came to steal your data and soul. Not to mention women with heavy shopping bags who are happily posing on camera and looking a bit too excited for anyone to relate to.

The issue is, these images are so overused that people are not only tired of them, but also irritated about being urged to look at them in almost every ad.

If you also feel this pain, Depositphotos, a library of millions of authentic stock visuals, has curated a selection of the top 10 photo clichés in an effort to turn this irritability into a little bit of fun.

1. Cheerful seniors

This stock photo cliché is one of the most legendary images. Just remember how many times you’ve seen ads with cheerful seniors being used to target an older audience. We’re sure there are too many to count.

Seniors are always shown as vigorous and so happy that they can’t contain their smiles. This is not to say that seniors can’t be cheerful, but rather that it’s hardly reflective of the whole elder population. Honestly, not even this many people in their 20s or 30s are this happy in stock photos.

2. The hooded hacker

The issue with this image is that it feeds into a very specific stereotype. We’re usually left with this corny shot of a mysterious man in a hood, surrounded by flying code we don’t understand. It’s likely that this cliché was fueled by the representations of hackers in some movies and TV shows.

What’s even funnier is that this picture of a hooded man also resembles a thief or a dementor who came to steal your jewelry or your soul, but not a hacker who quietly sits at his desk trying to crack some code.

3. Fictional networking

How do you network? Are you manually sketching things with glowing networks or drawing connections on a whiteboard? Some stock photos suggest you are.

The real networking usually happens while people are having lunch, partying, or chatting during a coffee break. So why is the internet flooded with this fictional concept? Likely because many choose the conceptual route to communicate broad topics.

4. Boss stereotypes

Let’s make it clear from the very beginning: bosses are not necessarily always yelling at their employees.

This stock image is an outdated cliché, created based on other stereotypes. It’s certainly not universal since some bosses are friendly and helpful and they almost always have better communication skills.

The only occasion where we should see this kind of image is when colleagues want to have a good laugh.

5. Woman laughing alone with a salad

While surfing the internet, there’s no chance that you haven’t seen the image of a woman laughing alone with a salad. You’ve probably even wondered what’s so funny about what the salad might be saying to her.

On stock photography sites, the description of the image says that this woman is on a diet. So, here’s another question that comes to mind: what kind of a diet is she on that makes her laugh so much?

Why do we see this kind of image in ads, when it has nothing to do with the modern concept of a healthy lifestyle? Place this common cliché into the trash.

6. Abstract 3D elements

At the beginning of the 2000s, these abstract 3D elements were often used for websites and blogs. They were an easy solution to depict complicated concepts at a time when 3D was gaining momentum.

Today, these abstract elements are kind of tacky, but for some reason we still see them in ads and around the web.

7. Happy women shopping

Let’s face it, it is not very often that women look so cheerful after hours of shopping and carrying lots of heavy bags. Their hands hurt, they feel dizzy and tired of walking for miles around a shopping center, and let’s face it, they just want to get a cup of coffee and something delicious to eat.

8. Hands with a laptop

Hands with a laptop was the go-to visual for many years that was used to illustrate anything and everything about technology, social media, and all kinds of creative work. Whether a brand was depicting a designer, an artist, a programmer, or an office worker, this image was an easy one to resort to.

Today, it has been so overused for all these purposes that it quickly became outdated. You can see that this kind of image is not relevant anymore by simply posting it on Instagram. The hundreds or thousands of likes you would have gotten a couple of years ago, wouldn’t be there today. In addition, the image doesn’t communicate any relevant information.

9. Tough choice

This stock photo cliché is everyone’s favorite. It depicts this mythical claim that you always get to choose between the good and the bad.

The problem is that these images are too literal. In short, the popularity of these poorly photoshopped visuals appeared in stocks because online media often covered topics that you couldn’t capture in a single photograph. To illustrate the tough choice between a healthy meal and junk food, something this literal was an easy choice.

10. Big happy family

For some reason, almost every kind of ad for goods, products, and services has to feature the concept of a big happy family to make them appealing to this demographic. It’s likely that this cliché was born from the tradition of the classical family photo. So next time you see it, don’t be irritated and just remember how your family members would urge you to “look at the camera and smile!”

Of course, it would be great if we all collectively put a bit more effort into our image choices and used creative and unusual ways to illustrate popular topics. But for now, let’s simply enjoy these entertaining photos and hope that one day our ads won’t be packed with any of the classic stock photo clichés.